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     Hello, Remember me? Im your Bible. Some folks call me "The Word", others call me "The Good Book", "The Sword", or just... "The Bible". But whatever they call me, I am your Bible. The Word of Almighty God. Something has been bothering me lately. I was wondering if I might talk it over with you.  Its about you and me.

     I remember sometime ago, when you came to me with problems and situations in your life.  We sat together and I opened up to your.  My words were like a gentle breeze to you and you placed them in your heart.  Remember?

     I remember you taking me to church where they taught you the importance of our relationship and how to live a Godly life.  Remember  your brothers and sisters?  Not to be outdone, they were doing the same as you, praying, singing, and worshipping.  I was proud, very proud to go to church with you.  Oh, yes - there are other people there, and they paid me respect...reverence.

     Now, if I sound a bit conceited...well, I have a right to.  I represent the finest people in the world.  More than one aggressive people have tried to haul me down, only to feel the fury of this freedom loving people.  A lot more blood has been shed since long ago, and Ive fought more battles also.  But Im still the same old Bible.

     A lot of time has passed now...and you seem to have a new look.  The last time that we sat together and talked, I noticed that some of your old landmarks had given way to a number of new ideas and feelings.  Yes, you sure have changed.  I guess I have too, because I dont feel as proud of you as I did back then.

     People today dont seem to know or care who I am.  They are so busy with their life, running and shouting through the streets, buying and selling, interested in everything but their Bible.  Not too long ago, I saw a man reading his Bible; he looked around, and didnt see anybody else reading theirs, so he quickly put his down.

     Now when you come home, you just do your own thing.  Occasionally, you give me a small glance, and then look away.  When I think of the placed we have been, the battles weve been through, the victories weve won; I wonder - whats happened? Im still the same old Bible.

     How can I be expected to be first in your life, when there is no thought, love, or respect for me? Whatever happened to the Bible?  Your Bible?  Have you forgotten what I stand for? Have you forgotten all the battlefields where men fought and died to keep this people free?  Take a look at the Memorial Honor Roll sometime. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, or Noah, Moses, David or how about Jesus, he is the central theme of your Bible.  I have their history for you to read.

     Well, it wont be long till we meet again.  So, when you see me, stand strong, and apply my word to your heart.  Do this because I represent you to Jesus.





I recently read about an article that listed the five most popular resolutions made every New Year. Fifth on the list was to take up a new hobby, the fourth was to make more money, the third most popular resolution was to improve relationships; the second was to stop smoking; and the most popular New Years resolution ... you guessed it ... to lose weight!  Someone once summed it up like this, "People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas."



How many of your expectations were fulfilled this year? How many times were you disappointed? It is very proper for us to have great expectations, but the question is "where are you placing your expectations? In order to avoid disappointment and have your expectations fulfilled in the New Year, you have to place your expectation on the right place. This article shows you the right and best place to do so.

So shall the knowledge of wisdom be unto thy soul: when thou hast found it, then there shall be a reward, and thy expectation shall not be cut off. Proverbs 24:14. It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man" Psalm 118:8 (KJV)

Many people get angry disappointed and frustrated, etc, when their expectations are not met. Unfulfilled expectations ruin relationships and sometimes can lower ones self esteem. Also, it can make you to lose hope in yourself or/and people. It can make you to conclude that another person is unfair, ungrateful or a good for nothing person.

The problem is not with anybody else but with the anchor for your expectation. Often, we expect too much from people. And when they fail we tend to be disappointed. We need to understand that man is limited and is liable to disappoint.

God is the true and best anchor for your expectations. He is unlimited and has the ability to, not only support your expectation but also to fulfil it. Therefore, to get your New Year expectations fulfilled, you need to put all your expectation on God and His word. Man may fail you but God will never fail you.

Enjoy fulfilled expectation and avoid disappointment:

Ensure your expectation is in line with Gods word.

Present all your expectations (whether of people or yourself) to God.

Declare to God and man that your trust is wholly on God though man will eventually execute it physically.

Do your own part (Hard work, skill development, prayer, etc.) and trust God to do His own part.

Give people what they need, as long as it is right and within your capability, but expect God to meet your own needs.

Be positive in your thinking.

Do not expect the worst at any time.

Always expect the best from people

Trust in God's love for you and His desire to meet your needs.

Be continually thankful.

What you expect is always what you will get, now or later in the future. To avoid disappointment in the New Year, expect more from God than from people or even yourself. If your answer seems delayed, still hold on because your expectation shall not cut off.




Every single one of us has something or someone that we anticipated would make us happy. We assumed once we achieved, once we experienced, once we accomplished, once we acquired this one thing we would then be a satisfied, joyous and finally a happy people. And so we labored with that end in mind and upon achieving or attaining these things, were still not all that satisfied, and were still not all that happy.  So we discard our old list, and create a new one with more refined objectives.  We rearrange our list to reflect a more mature and distinguished us. We pursue a better paying job, more friends, more stuff, all the while not realizing our satisfaction, our joy, our pleasure, has much more to do with the reorganization of our internal life than it does with our external life.  In his life, Solomon arranged every aspect of his external world so as to afford him maximum pleasure, but he never experienced enduring happiness and satisfaction because his internal condition remained sinful, and the highs of life experience eventually fade. He basically worshipped himself, doing everything for himself. He learned that happiness is a gift that God gives to those reconciled to Him and their neighbor by grace that comes only by being and never by having.  What everyone shares in common is what our nations Founding Fathers called "the pursuit of happiness". Basically, we all want to be happy and so we live solely for the pursuit of pleasure. Our problem is created in the fact that we are too easily pleased, and rather than getting pure pleasure from God we settle for cheap imitations that never satisfy.  In seeking to have pleasure in life we must remember we value most what we delight in most. Pleasure is not God's competitor, idols are. Pleasure is simply a gauge that measures how valuable someone or something is to us. Pleasure is the measure of our treasure.            


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